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IT for SME 24/7 help. Database development and design, systems integration, process automation

  • IT for SME 24/7 help. Database development and design, systems integration, process automation
Date : October 9, 2021
Ad Type : Offered
Location : Wembley, London

An experienced software engineer, with over 7+ years of commercial experience in the design and development of business databases and office software. A Graduate from one of the leading Universities. (Over 18 years experience, Pre/University + Commercial + Freelance). I really look for companies that I can help. My skillset is great and I look for a problem to solve. I am a very kind person, that thinks of others, and I really wish I could be of any assistance to you and to help people and companies in every aspect of Business Processes, data mining, creation of new dedicated IT systems for the company and its own application-level database system, also maintenance and improving existing ones, bug fixing and all low and high-level engineering work.

The 2 latest projects I have been working on:

– The internal collection and inventory management system. Integrated with eBay sales engine.

– Office process integration. Connecting Excel data with Invoicing System. Report generation in pdf. Automatic sending emails to the list of customers.

What do I do?


I help companies and individuals to construct and design internal database systems. Integrate existing ones and improve their functionality. I am mostly interested in warehouse flow and process automation. But I can do anything else like even do e-commerce on Worpress. Whatever you need. Just you say and I will do.

I write any type of standalone office applications, like an invoicing system, inventory management, intelligent scripts to scrape web data and use it for business purpose.

I do automate and refresh old business processes. So your enterprise can work more efficiently. I can do like a new system for a company and cross-connect it with an existing one and also to improve the efficiency and maximise the profits I can implement AI scripts and data mining and data analysis. Then it rises the chance to optimise a higher company profit. I use all the newest technologies like JQuery Ajax, PHP, Python, Linux, Codeigniter, MySQL, data mining and Python data analysis and BigData. Most of it everything is possible. Just give me a go and I will show you.

I do design professional databases. Implement them in code and deploy.

I do network design and install network devices. With all necessary OS configuration. Mostly I use Linux.

I create Web Applications in PHP. Interactive web pages: e-commerce, auction systems…


My Skillset:

Javascript, PHP, WordPress, C, C++, Linux, HTML, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Relational Databases, Data mining, Data analysis, Unix administration, PHP applications, Databases, Python, Shell scripting, Programming, Statistical data analysis, Unix security, Unix networking, Network programming, Business intelligence, Database administration, MS Access, MariaDB, Web apps, Android..


Areas Covered:

All of London. I commute to the customer. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me either on my phone or via gumtree.

I am also available in Watford and Hemel Hempstead.

If you have a problem with your company existing IT systems, just call me and I come to fix it. I also want to help. I am a kind person and an experienced one and good in what I am doing. Please just send me an email or call me. Thank you.

If you need some temporary substitute for chief IT guy, then it’s also possible, to take me for some time as Self employed.


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